Rules & Regulations

Number of players per team

Teams are allowed to register a maximum of 10 players per team.

Age groups U8 -U10 are 5-aside (4 players, 1 goalkeeper)
Age groups U12-U18 are 6-aside (5 players, 1 goalkeeper)

U8-U10 age groups are playing on the smaller courts 1, 2 and 3 (34x18m)
U12-U18 age groups on the larger court (40x28m)

Age categories 2019 & ball size

U18 – Boys born 1/1-01 and later
U14 – Boys born 1/1-05 and later
U12 – Boys born 1/1-07 and later
U10 – Boys born 1/1-09 and later
U 8 – Boys born 1/1-11 and later

Girls are able to play 1 year older in the boys age group. No age dispensations will be given to any players or teams.
One player can only play for one team. Players are not allowed to play for different age groups.

Size of Tournament footballs to be used:
U8 - U10 - Size 4
U12 - U18 - Size 5

All FIFA rules apply, including to following modification:

  • Kick-ins when the ball goes out through the sidelines or touches the ceiling. One step run-up. 1 meter distance to be kept by opposition player.

  • Goalkeepers to restart the game throwing the ball. The ball must bounce at least once before crossing the halfway line.

  • Once the goalkeeper drops or places the ball on the floor, it's considered in-play (i.e., other players can challenge for it)

  • No slide tackles are allowed, in other words, if a player challenges for the ball, he has to standing on both feet.
    Free kick to be awarded after infridgement.

  • All FREE KICKS are indirect. 5 meter distance to be kept by opponent.

  • Tie-breakers: 1) Head-to-Head 2) Goal difference 3) Goal scored 4) Sudden-death by penalty shoot-out

  • Knock-out stage: Penalty shoot-out after regular playing time, 3 penalty shots per team. If the score is still level, the winner will be decided through sudden-death penalties.

  • There will be referees. These will take notes for the score as well as yellow and red cards.